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Jama Event

Eliminate Papers, Wasted Man-hours and Data Entry errors at your next event. 100% Real-time Feedback

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Get third party feedback from our profiled Jamans across Nigeria and know what they think about your event - even if they are not attending.

Collect attendees feedback from your guests in a simple and friendly manner combining expert design and manned mobile devices- eliminate data entry errors.

Event surveys help you collect participants feedback for improvements. By regularly running them, the risk of things going wrong will drop.


Satisfaction focused evaluation

Independent audience

Real-time aggregated

Why Event Owners Choose
Jama Events

In present feedback collection

Manned mobile devices

High participation rate

Live polls

Intuitive survey management platform


Data Collection and Analytics for Non-profit Organizations.

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Jama Philanthropy is designed to enable non-profits collect, analyze and turn the large amount of market data at their disposal into useful results for driving optimal fund utilization and revenue generation.

The focus is to enable your community, partners, vendors, beneficiaries and donors reach a state of satisfaction occasioned by insights generated from your work, but most importantly - grow thenm into evangelists.

Why Non-profits
Choose Jama

Community engagement made easy

Personalized feedback model

Real-time data collection

Enforces optimal funds utilization

Revenue generation


Data Collection for Business Intelligence.
Turn your Customers into Brand Evangelists.

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JAMA Voice of the Customer program is designed to harness your organization’s inherent strengths. The focus is to enable your customers reach a state of satisfaction, but most importantly – grow them into evangelists.

The process adopts a personalized feedback model fused into the organization’s everyday activities to create an orgasmic customer experience. At the foundation of this strategy lies a data collection process that generates authentic and accessible data in real time.

Engage your customers, measure their satisfaction levels and enjoy the benefits.

Why Organizations Choose Jama?

Generate customer loyalty

Improve service quality

Successful business strategy

Improve referrals

What Stands Us Out?

Unbeatable pricing plans

Unlimited sample size

Easy to use dashboard

Human verified data

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