Frequently Asked Questions


What is GetJama

GetJama is a solution that facilitates the collection of authentic and real time data to enable businesses and individuals make informed decisions.

How can my company use GetJama?

Your company can use GetJama for mystery shopping, public surveys, mapping, understanding the strength of your competition etc. Your organisation can also use the solution for internal job responses or closed group tasks with a specified group of people.

What type of Data can be collected?

GetJama allows for collection of geo-tagged images and numeric information. It also allows for multiple choice questions – making it easy for you to group responses in a graphical representation.

Who provides the responses?

GetJama collects responses from all individuals who have signed up to earn extra cash on the platform.

How can I set up a campaign?

Organisations are expected to register at . Choose and name your campaign through a user friendly process and determine what kind of individuals you want to give you a response. You can also choose how many responses you need

I have set up a campaign but it is does not appear on the Job space

Please contact your GetJama reseller, sales person or admin directly to ensure your campaign is approved. Campaigns are approved as soon as payment is confirmed.

How do I make payment for GetJama?

Payment can be done directly for fixed amount payments within the range of 1-5000 responses. Clients can also choose a pay later option for higher number of responses or different response price.

What is the minimum responses I can request for?

To accommodate small businesses and individuals, you can make as low as 500 responses per campaign.


Can I complete jobs without completing my profile?

Only complete profiles will have access to jobs posted on the platform.

How do I get Jobs?

Jamans will get a push notification once a job that match their demography is posted. They can also check out the job section of the App periodically

What kind of tasks will be expected of me? What skills?

These will be simple tasks that do not require advanced skills. Jamans only require a basic user knowledge of mobile phone Apps.

How are Jamans selected for a task?

Each client sets a limit to the number of response as well as location of their response

How long is an average task?

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete a simple task.

How do I calculate my earnings?

The earnings for each task will be displayed on the application page and total earnings for a Jaman shall be displayed on the dashboard.

How do I know that my response is accepted?

Once application is complete, app will return to dashboard and a notification will be sent to confirm your earning while it will appear on your dashboard

How do I withdraw my earnings?

Earnings can be converted to airtime or collected from Jama payout point. Jamans can activate withdrawal by contacting Jama admin at

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